Saturday, April 1, 2017

Judas And Brutus

JUST HOW sharp is your machete and how far, are you prepared to go to be a Judas or Brutus? People who fall from grace, or run into problems, the question is, not how far are they going to fall, but who will be Judas and Brutus stabbing them as they hurtle down.

Real friends who know Oscar Mulira, will tell you that Oscar is Oscar – a very decent chap from very good pedigree and who is always on hand to bail out his friends. So, imagine his shock when he landed into a spot of bother and rightfully assumed that his colleagues would rally round him. Some did. I know I did. But others like one of his tights, and who lives in the same area code as him and who he drinks with, without an ounce of spine in his back and no sense of honour, decency or loyalty, quietly slithered snake style off the table to go around to the back of the building to make phone calls in delight that trouble had finally beset him (Oscar). That was an utterly disgusting move to make, especially as Oscar had always been there 100 per cent for this tight – not only at work, but also with his personal – often financial – problems.

Like Oscar, media pundit Andrew Mwenda, (Below) is simply Andrew Mwenda. Okay, so he has a motor mouth on him. While he and I don’t share many things in common or call each other up, he is, nevertheless, a friend and we hold each other in high esteem. Recently, social media was awash with stories of his sexual orientation with many, including those that I have seen him hanging out with and who I deemed were part of his inner circle, fanning the flames that he is bisexual.

I am very vehemently going to support Mwenda, I don’t have the faintest idea about his sexual orientation as indeed, just as I don’t know the sexual orientation of Waiter who just served me my drink I type out this article. Whenever I am asked, my response is always generic – “that you best ask Andrew himself because I have never been inside his bedroom.” The only person who knows Mwenda’s sexual orientation is – err, Mwenda himself and whomever he ends up bed with. The rest of us know diddly squat but because we ‘we want to see him tumble’, what the heck, let’s stab him.

Social media then reached a frenzy when the financial woes of Gordon Wava, Patrick Bitature (Below) and Sudhir Ruparelia came to light. The negativity melted out from those who claimed to be friends of the trio but were not and in fact had never met them and from those who have access to their inner circles was astonishingly sad.

More knives, were hurled at Sudhir (Below), than at Wava or Patrick. Is it because Sudhir is of Indian origin and therefore deserved it? Is it because Crane Bank attached a house over loan issues? Or is it because it’s Sudhir? Or is it the people who hate Sudhir for no apparent reason except to hate him because he 'has' and they don’t.

The ‘friends’ who stabbed Sudhir and who are still throwing stones at him on social media, are the same friends who when times were good, would unashamedly demanded complimentary gym membership at Kabira Club, boat rides to Bulago Island to impress friends, free use of Victoria Ballroom at Speke Resort Munyonyo because Daughter or Son was getting married, or a job for them. He never to said ‘no’ but something along the lines of: “Yes, go talk to Tina or Akhilesh.”

Them spineless people – yes, they know themselves, also woke up extra early to stand outside Crane Chambers taking pictures of the DFCU signage going up, to post on Twitter and Facebook with a baseless caption that read: “Finally, the eviction.”

Lets let them be, for karma will one day return to maul them. This is Uganda where Judas and Brutus roam the streets at will looking for somebody – anybody, to stab that for the past seven years since I had my issues, I’ve literally worn a ‘barbed wire’ jacket to keep them at bay. I have prevailed – just like Oscar, Mwenda, Wava, Bitature and Sudhir will.

But Hater, watch your back, for today it’s you who is hating and knifing. Tomorrow, it will be one of your friends hating and knifing you.

Pictures: Internet