Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When Does Sex Cease To Be Sex, But Rape?

Women are the fairer sex. As the fairer sex, they have rights and one of those rights is to not be abused by us men.
Abuse comes in many forms - slapping their butts, pressing our groins against them, pinching them, making lewd remarks about their breasts – the list is simply endless.
I have been closely following the case against the WikiLeaks campaigner, Julian Assange who is holed up as a virtual prisoner in an embassy in London as he fights attempts to have him extradited to Sweden to face rape charges.
Rape is rape. There are no two ways about it. It is a violation and is a crime that is punishable – hopefully with a lengthy jail term.
Though rape is rape, the woman who filed the charges against Assange told police that she had consensual sex with him but woke the following morning to find he was having sex with her again, without her consent and without using a condom.
If Assange is convicted, it puts men on a tight rope when it comes to sex. Many men say that they have had consensual sex in the night and had fallen asleep straight after they were done. Somewhere during the night they have woken up all aroused, ‘made a move’ and started having sex while the woman is still in a state of slumber but who has later woken up and not thrown them off.
So when does rape become rape? Are we men supposed to literally spell it out in black and white that: “Can I have sex with you?” And later on in the night are we still supposed to ask again because the statute of limitations when we asked for sex the first time round has run out?
Will we have to start walking round with ‘sexual consent’ forms which will ask the lady to sign whenever we have sex and regardless of how many times we have sex during the course of the night just to protect ourselves if she cried rape the following morning? It is a tight situation that one.
Where I do wholeheartedly agree with the lady pressing the charges is the fact that Assange sought to have sex without using a condom. That is a clear cut violation and the book should be thrown at him.
Moving on, I met a young man the other week who was on the run and his crime? After taking one beer too many he went home and goofed not only his sister but his mother. Of course the pair wasted no time in reporting the matter to the police.
When I asked why he had goofed his sister and mother, his response which reeked of stupidity was: “I didn’t really goof them. I just gave them polite slaps!” What the young man does not realize is that a slap, punch, a kick still constitutes as having giving them a beating and no matter how polite the slaps were.
I looked at him with pity and walked away with the hope that the long arm of the law will eventually catch up with him.
As I part, I am not defending Assange on any of the claims made against him but was merely trying to clarify when sex ceases to be consensual. And to you men who go out beating up your mothers and sisters, it is so un-cool!